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If you are looking for the top Probate lawyers on Long Island for probate administration and estate planning, you have reached the right place. However, if you are proactively searching for the best attorneys for the probate process, Wills Long Island is the one you should seek. With our firm, you can have the best of both worlds as we combine experience with legal knowledge to help you overcome the hassles that come with financial planning.

Our core team at Long Island can handle the following:

  • Probate administration of your assets, along with efficient estate planning.
  • Issues connected to your planning decisions and their implementation.
  • Understand your goals to carefully draft the will to avoid probate and ensure a smooth property transfer to the intended beneficiaries.

We can represent you at every step of the probate process without you worrying about your assets. We understand all the legal requirements related to probate, wills, trusts, guardianship, Medicaid, Conservatorship, and estate planning. Our qualified lawyers can help you draft perfect probate for the effective transfer of assets.

Estate Planning Consultation @ Wills Long Island

We have collaborated with the best lawyers at Wills Long Island to give you the best Probate service possible. Since our inception, we have strived to offer convenient and affordable probate solutions for clients seeking effective legal services. At our firm, we offer comprehensive services combined with our efficient work ethic.

  • Understand the complications behind securing your property.
  • Managing your estate and assets for the benefit of your legal heirs.
  • Managing the disputes arising out of asset allocation during any unfortunate event.

How Wills Long Island Can Assist You

As a reputed probate administration firm in Long Island, we have adopted adequate legal policies and practices to take care of your immediate and future probate administration needs. We give our best to ensure that you and your family face no hurdles.

Our Priorities @ Wills Long Island

Our Wills Long Island lawyers are qualified and experienced in all complicated cases. We have decades of experience ensuring reliable management of your estate and Probate administration in court. Our firm concentrates on areas related to trustee services, probate, and estate governance. We offer various services to ensure you get a practical solution for your estate planning and asset protection requirements.

  • We have the best business models for our clients to help them have better control over their assets.
  • We provide end-to-end estate planning from consultancy to probate administration.
  • We have a fully-equipped Legal team to discuss various strategies for reducing properties that pass through Probate courts on Long Island.

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Why Choose Wills Long Island

Our Wills Long Island lawyers are qualified and experienced in all complicated cases. We have decades of experience ensuring reliable management of your estate and Probate administration in court. We have a team of articulate advisors who can guide you regarding probate administration, retirement planning, creating wills, creating trusts, ensuring a durable power of attorney, and Medicaid appeals. We aim to make your probate process as smooth as possible, with our expert staff helping you at every step.

Our team of professionals at Wills Long Island understands your legal situation, as we have spent decades under the law. We have diligent, dedicated, and qualified lawyers providing the finest representation for all our clients undergoing the estate planning process. Our lawyers handle the cases effectively to make legal matters simple and easy. Our expert lawyers can help you in various legal areas like Probate, Estate Administration, Kinship matters, Estate taxes, Guardianship, and Fiduciary accounting.

Our lawyers work hard to ensure your success during financial and estate planning. Our success depends upon your perception; therefore, we keep you abreast of our plans and perspectives.

Legal Enquiry

At Wills Long Island, we listen to your estate planning concerns, formulate strategies, and outline all your legal issues with you. We consider all the relevant facts that are applicable in your case while we prioritize and execute the strategies. Our lawyers work with a positive attitude to keep you updated until the conclusion of your Probate process and estate planning. With us, you have the commitment and attention that your legal matter deserves. As a result, you can get timely updates, accurate legal advice, and legal correspondence while we negotiate on your behalf.

Transparent Costs and Pricing

We provide legal services at an affordable cost that depends on our services and experience. You will know the costs upfront during your initial appointment as we include everything in the contract. Our lawyers can provide excellent service by charging less than the big firms. For example, we do not charge you for telephone, emails, and photocopy while we acknowledge you upfront regarding the court costs, filing charges, administrative fees, translation charges, certifications, and third-party expenses.

Independent Lawyers

With our firm, you do not risk your privacy as your personal details remain only with one attorney. You will be assigned a lawyer after your initial appointment who will stick with you till the end. We have an expert team who will make every effort to understand the details of your case. Our lawyers are available whenever you need them, as we maintain certain hours every week for last-minute appointments.

Experienced Attorneys

We offer you expert opinions and strategies that are valid in today’s environment. Our lawyers have decades of experience which has helped us develop ethical, legal, and creative solutions for all legal disputes. Over the years, we have established relationships with various clients from every profession, which helped us to enhance our legal services. We have curated a wonderful team of experienced Attorneys to build long-term relationships based on continuity, responsiveness, and flexibility.

Client Satisfaction and Legal Services

Your satisfaction is paramount to us, as we value your time and money. We keep pace with the rapidly changing laws to meet your estate planning expectations. Our lawyers invest their time in educating themselves regarding the statutes, clients, and other relevant information. We utilize Wills Long Island’s state-of-the-art office technology for communication, coordination, and case management. Therefore, we can successfully manage document creation and case drafting with ease.

How we work:

Our Estate Planning Process @ Wills Long Island


At Wills Long Island, we provide the initial consultation regarding your estate planning and probate process. An appointment with us will help us realize your requirements to satisfy your objectives and future goals. A consultation will help you gain more information about New York state laws. Our lawyers can also advise you regarding income, estate, and property taxes that can affect your entire estate planning. With us on board, you will not overlook expensive litigation and court expenses in the future.

Detailed Discussion

Our lawyers conduct regular meetings and follow-ups with the clients to discuss the finances and assets. We analyze your options thoroughly to develop a detailed plan regarding your Will, Trust, deeds, power of attorney, Medicaid, and other directives. At our firm, we are upfront and transparent about the pricing as our attorneys discuss the flat and hourly rates. A meeting with us will help you clear all the estate planning and litigation doubts.

Asset Details and Information

Our attorneys collect all the information regarding your assets and estate so that we can draft the documents. At our firm, you will have a complete checklist of all the necessary documents so that you do not miss out on anything during the Probate process. We have regular meetings to ensure that everything is obtained. In addition, our attorneys get the specific details of your properties, bank accounts, and securities to ensure a smooth Probate process.


Our attorneys effectively and efficiently prepare the documents related to Wills, Trusts, deeds, power of attorney, Medicaid, and other directives. The papers are customized to fit your narratives which will be emailed regularly. You can request any changes to your documents, as there will be blank spaces in the drafts for additional information. Our attorneys are always available to ensure that you understand all the necessary legal terms and conditions. Our firm also provides you know the estate and property taxes and your enforceable documents.

Transfer to Trust

If you opt for a living or Medicaid trust, our attorneys can take care of all the legal hurdles in that process. We can ensure that your faiTrusth is effectively funded, so your estate does not go under Probate. Our attorneys will contact your banks and stockbrokers to explain your Trust and transfer the funds. At our firm, we take care of the transfer process with adequate signatures and witnesses and specific instructions regarding the Trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. For a will to be considered valid, it needs to be notarized in Long Island. The Will also needs to be “self-proved” under NY SCPA 1406. A “self-proved” Will can easily pass through the probate process without the testimony of two witnesses.
For your Will to be valid in Long Island, it must be in writing. Prior to that, your will should be dated and signed along with the additional signatures and addresses of the two witnesses. You simply cannot write your wishes on a paper copy without the witness’s formality.
A living trust is a Trust where you can store your assets and continue using them during your lifetime. After your death, your Beneficiaries and legal heirs will inherit the Trust without undergoing the Probate process. A revocable living trust can be part of your estate planning process for gaining various advantages.